ROSCon 2017: How ROS cares for Quality — Yvonne Dittrich (IT University of Copenhagen) Gijs van der Hoorn (Delft University of Technology) Andrzej Wasowski (IT University of Copenhagen)

Looking foward to ROSCon 2018 we’re highlighting presentations from last year.

Adam Alami presents an analysis of how the ROS community maintains quality of the code as well as identifying areas to grow.



As part of the EU H2020 project ROSIN promoting the usage of ROS for industrial applications, we investigate how the ROS community takes care of quality. The goal is to understand quality problems and to address them. We will report our preliminary findings based on a.) analysis of bug reports in ROS packages and ROS based projects; b.) interviews with both junior and core members of the ROS community; and c.) analysis of the ROS wiki and other available resources.


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