Ideas on sensors to locate individual

Ok, so here’s the general plan. Making a robotic, voice activated robot. Ive got my general idea on everything except one part. So when you say the keyword, my robot will spring to life. The top is half a sphere. 6 microphones equally spread to detect voice, but will also use the two microphones with the highest pickup to determine the speaker general vicinity. But pretty much I want my over-glorified fridge(i mean robot) to bring a beer to the person who activated it. So… “B33R Activate” it turns on and gets a general location. “Need Beer” and it brings you a beer. While i thought of voice tracking i dont want to have to keep speaking so it knows where im at. Ive got the collision detection handled. Its in my garage so gps wont be viable. I saw some like wireless ping type sensors, but i dont want my visitors to hafta hold a fuggin radio to get tracked. Ive just come across Lidar(?). Gonna do some research into that. But anyone with experience doing this sorta thing?

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