Simple electronics help/questions

Hey /r/robotics! This is my first time doing anything like this, and I was wondering if anyone can lend some insight 🙂

So I’m installing a zipline and want to throw something together that can automatically bring the trolley back. I’ve had a few ideas for this, but the simplest imo is to have a secondary trolley attached to the main one, that just has a simple motor and pulls it back.

I found this, which is roughly what I’m trying to achieve:


I don’t know much about motors. Initial reading seems like a trade off between RPM and torque (which in my mind is analogous to pull strength in this case). What sort of motor would I need for something like this, assuming it’s connected directly to a pulley wheel?

Would connecting a motor directly to a wheel cause any issues, or is a simple gear system more appropriate?

The motor will also be engaged with the line as someone is zipping down – will this cause wear or damage to the motor? Would a brushless motor have the same issues?

Any good cad software for prototyping/designing simple electronics projects?

My main worry is how everything will fit together. I guess 3d printing a basic frame is an option. What’s the market like for prefabbed metal parts in different shapes with holes etc? Where would I find this stuff?


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