Robotics grad school questions?

Have people gotten into MS or PhD robotics programs without a ton of robotics experience?

I have a BSME from a good school, but I’m less interested in the physical design of robotics than I am the software and the logic/controls behind making the whole thing work. I’m not that kid who spent his whole childhood making robots, just a good student who’s decent at a bunch of things that really wants to pursue this field. I’ve had no success landing jobs in the robotics industry, so I feel like going to school for it makes the most sense if this is what I want to do. I’m just nervous I’m entering into the same catch 22 that I’ve experienced on job interviews (can’t get a job because i don’t have enough experience, but i would get experience on the job) if I apply to robotics grad schools.

I hope this makes sense and wasn’t rambling too much. Would love to hear people’s thoughts!

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