A dummy wants to build a robot: Virtual Girlfriend 101

A dummy wants to build a robot: Virtual Girlfriend 101

I, a dummy programmer, rely heavily on online materials to learn programming.

Recently I watched videos about GATEBOX (they didn’t pay me to write about it), and I

plan to DIY my own Virtual Girlfriend.


My current skillset is that I have never touched any hardware before. Single-chip

microcomputer, raspberry pi, etc, never laid my hands on any of those. I am a dummy programmer, and I know little about 3D modeling.

In my imagination as a dummy programmer, a Vitual Girlfriend will consist of the following parts:

1.Physical existance. Just use hologram.

2.Design of the look. 3D modeling.

3.Her Soul. Should be able to perform the easiest voice-interation. I say hello to her and she should be able to say hello back. Thus, sound input and output would be involved here. In terms of speech recognition, there are simple solutions and extremly complicated solutions that’s close to mission impossible for me.

OK, well, so now I know nothing. Starting from step one, I did none of these things before. I plan to record the whole process of me learning, making mistakes, making progress and how to put things together (maybe I will make videos of it), step by step, so other people can just follow me if they want, and make their own robot, until I stuck somewhere and cannot move on.

Virtual Girlfriend 101————————————————————

Step one, based on my research, there are many different hologram solutions out there.

If you are in USA, you can open Amazon to search “hologram”/”3d hologram”/”phone hologram”, etc, and you will find some products available. Actually it is just a piece of plastic so if you are good at DIY, maybe you can just make one yourself.


I ordered one on 9/19/2018. I don’t know whether it is good. Don’t know how to use it either. As a prime member, I will got my order on 9/21/2018. So could I continue to do Virtual Girlfriend 102? I would find out on Friday and report back.

Before I got my order, I will research more about everything and learn what I can learn now. At least I just learned what is ARDUINO.

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