Book of choice for C++ from these

I am an intermediate level programmer (fresh graduate) with 2 years of experience in python and basic C++ (OOP concepts like polymorphism and interitance). Since I want to get into Machine Learning & Robotics, I decided to dive deep into C++. After looking at the books that best suite my experience, I came across these two:

(1) C++ Primer, 5th Edition (2) Programming principles and practice using C++.

I am having a hard time selecting one from these two because I find both of them to be amazing. I know for a fact that C++ Primer has 1000 pages less than the latter. I have only 3-4 months to finish a book (with 3 hrs per day). After reading this book, my goal is to start working with CUDA framework for writing parallel code to run on GPUs. I’d appreciate if someone who has studied from these books can help me decide on which one I should choose given my goal and time constraints.

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