Highschool Robotics Club Ideas

Hi guys, my school has an existing robotics club, but it is really bare bones as it is right now. I think the club was started by a senior last year, but my friend and I were the only ones who actually went to the club at lunches to play with the VEX kits. In this upcoming school year I will be running the club, so I plan to get many more students to join the club, but I don’t know of any projects that I could introduce for people to work on.

We already have a bunch of VEX robotics sets, raspberry pi 2s, breadboards, wires, LEDs and some buttons. I don’t have any project ideas other than having club members build VEX robots using instructions, which does not seem very robotics like, it just seems more like Lego. I am learning Python for possible RPi projects, but my current knowledge of Python and electronics are very limited.

I live in western Canada and after a quick google search, I couldn’t find any robotics competitions in my area, so I was thinking about splitting the club in two and doing a competition of our own, but I don’t know how to organize something like that.

My main goal is to make the robotics club larger so that the club could possibly do larger projects next year after I graduate, but I would really like some ideas from you guys of what kind of projects we could do, or some pointers of running a robotics club.

Thanks in advance! (Sorry, this is my first post, so I’m not sure if I’m doing this right)

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