How the RUC 2018 Changed the World of Cobots

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It’s hasn’t been a month since the Robotiq User Conference 2018 ended and we at Robotiq already feel this event’s major impacts. Collaborative robots is a fast-emerging market and the RUC 2018 hosted many product launches which changed the human-robot collaboration. Find out why in the following videos.

Force Copilot

A perfect fit with the Universal Robots e-Series. Force Copilot is a must for easy-to-program cobot cells, especially with finishing, assembly and machine-tending applications. For CB Series, Force Copilot is included with any FT 300 hardware.

Insights remote access

Can you imagine fixing a robot issue without having to drive all the way to the plant? That’s Remote Access. Get back to production faster!

Wrist Camera

Cut your cycle time in half with multi-object detection and eliminate the need for any custom fixtures with Robotiq’s Wrist Camera.

Adaptive grippers

Connect any Robotiq Adaptive Gripper directly to the new UR e-Series wrist with just one coupling—that means no cable management and faster installation!