Needing some advice

So, I know this isn’t really the place to talk about this but it’s somewhat related.

I’ve recently lost my job, I’m a mechatronics technician specialized in robotics, I usually worked with automating production lines and the sort, seeing as the market for actual robotics in Brazil is quite closed off, mostly composed of international imports from the main brands (Kuka, Mitsubishi and the like) having just got some compensation for the layoff I started thinking about making actual robots as that would be my dream.

I have been running some numbers and simulations and right now, using some projects I have made in my spare time, am able to produce some simple robots in industrial scale (mainly delta and Cartesian robots, because of the ease of manufacturing) and to a lesser extent six axis anthropomorphic robots for light load applications (anything less than 3kg payload).

My question is: Should I? Everywhere I look there is a new startup doing robotics and seeing as I’m not even properly graduated yet (I’m on the third year of mechatronics engineering) I am having serious doubts about the market for such products. I love robotics and would be my dream to work purely with robotics, but the sheer number of companies making them is daunting to say the least, I’m not trying to get rich, just want to do what I love for once. So what do you guys think?

TL;DR: Should I start a robotics company? Is the market saturated? What is life? Do I need to pay a salary to my robots? (The last two are jokes. Just to be sure)

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