Mesquite ISD Bus Flips and Catches on Fire Leaving One Student Dead

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A bus carrying 42 students rolled into a ditch and caught on fire on Wednesday in Mesquite, Texas. One student was killed and three were injured

First responders, citizens and Mesquite Independent School District (ISD) employees quickly rescued children from the burning bus, reports NBC Washington.

The remaining 38 students, along with police officers and the bus driver were transported to hospitals. Mesquite police say the injuries were not life-threatening.

One student, 12-year-old Jazmine Alfaro, was pronounced dead at the scene.

“It is with a very heavy heart that we must confirm that today, we lost one student,” the school district tweeted Wednesday evening.

Police later confirmed the bus had rolled on its side, struck a power line and caught fire. When Texas Sky Ranger arrived, the bus was smoldering and the passenger side of the bus was on the ground.

Passengers escaped using the back door and rooftop hatch.

Donald Hodge, a resident near the crash says the accident location is known to be dangerous.

“The road goes to the left and then back to the right real fast and it’s like right after a bridge,” Hodge said.

A Texas Department of Transpiration showed 68 crashes that were reported in the area since 2010.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mesquite ISD Superintendent Dr. David Vrooland released a statement to the public.

“Community members, MISD employees and first responders acted quickly and risked their own lives to save these children…Dr. Vrooland is meeting privately with the family. We ask for continued prayers for this grieving family,” Vrooland wrote.

Hundreds of people gathered at a candle-lit vigil Saturday evening to remember the student they lost, according to CBS DFW.

Jazmine’s mother and relatives attended, saying Jazmine was smart and beautiful.

“Her legacy will live on forever through us. Years from now, we’ll be telling stories about how she touched our hearts, how she touched this city, how she touched this community and her school,” said Pastor Harry Sewell.

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