Caesar Robot Platform for Research and Education: Human Arm Size, Vision Sensors, Super Programmable: $5K

Hey guys, we’re excited to re-launch our Caesar Robot Platform built specifically for research and education:

Caesar is a robot platform, with a body, head (with depth and vision sensors) and a nice human-length arm and parallel gripper.

Caesar is incredibly easy to program, with a simple serial (i.e. just over USB cable) API for reading absolute joint positions, writing goal positions, changing speeds and velocities of joints, etc. A python library lets you combine reading the depth/vision sensors with your control loop, which is ideal for machine learning and related research.

Here are the base specs:

Degrees of freedom: 6 on arm, including gripper, plus neck

Reach: 920mm from base

Payload: 350g

Task repeatability: +/- 0.5mm

Joint speeds: maximum 300 deg/s

Electronics and wiring: self-contained; two wire output from robot; 3 prong power cord, USB

Materials: aircraft grade aluminum, PLA and advanced polymers

Weight: 35 lbs

Height: 750mm

Sensors: depth sensor neck sensor; upgrades available

End effector: default 2 finger gripper included, 90mm opening

User interfaces: c/c++, python software libraries; desktop programs accessible over USB; tablet/mobile support Physical mounting: base has 4 square corner mount points, m8 hole size

Extensions and upgrades: customizable end-effector; replaceable arm structure from base; modular joint configs

Some extra features which are favorites of mine:

  • Absolute servo positions. We’ve made our own “move to custom position on startup” routine which is really convenient.
  • Customizable velocity and acceleration profiles.
  • Back-drivable servos, so you can manually position the robot arm and record the absolute joint positions. You can also drag and move the arm through a specific path, recording and saving the sequence of joint positions at e.g. 100 Hz. This is super useful for generating “human demonstration data” !

Base price: $4995.95 USD

We’re looking to make robotics research and education much more accessible and affordable. I’ll be around to answer your questions here on reddit and over e-mail =) If you’re interested in purchasing a unit, or bulk sales (bulk discounts are available), or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

[email protected]

Cheers =)

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