how do bipeds walk?

I’m starting to explore the idea of making a biped robot, just legs and a hip for now. I’m thinking my build will primarily consist of 8x servos (one for the ankle, knee, and two for the hip for forward and side to side motion, then repeat for the other leg), an IMU (for acceleration and gyro capabilities), and I’m thinking two load cells will give me the capability to figure force/mass.

I’m currently thinking about how to make the movement and I don’t want this to be hard coded. Since I’m looking to use an IMU and load cells, I’d really like to see if anyone can point me in the right direction to how I can calculate acceptable movements.

I’ve been looking at the ZMP formula, but haven’t been able to fully digest it yet, but from the surface looks like it takes into account the matters I’d assumed I’d need to account for.

Assuming a level surface and consistent weight, does anyone have any resources they can point me to for defining walking movements for bipeds? I know these will all be somewhat specific to each build, but I also think they should be more or less adaptable as well. This is still in a planning phase, but I’d love to hear any thoughts that anyone might have!

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