Landmarks variants in EKF SLAM

I have a very general query on EKF SLAM…

I have been looking into EKF SLAM using stereo camera as the sensor. I was wondering what features (object, point features, lines, etc.) could be used as landmarks for SLAM. One possibility (though may not be efficient), that I know of, is the point features, which can be obtained from algorithms like SIFT, SURF, ORB, etc., Finding the depth of the features, followed by defining the locations of the features in the robot’s/global coordinate is a possibility. But I have doubts using point features as landmarks because they may not be very efficient as the number of features in each frame can be large and with time, the number of landmarks can get large and the computational cost can also get high too (even for online SLAM). Could there be other ways or techniques to define landmarks with images feasible for EKF SLAM, be it using point features or some other image processing techniques?

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