Small “robot” battle with coworkers. Advice on utilizing 16g CO2 cartridges.

A few coworkers decided to have a little Battle Bot style competition. We have all purchased the same RC car ( I think its a 1/24 scale pretty small) and basically the rules are if the stock RC car can carry it than its legal. We are hoping this intro event will go well and we will move on eventually to only 3D printed parts and such. Anyway for now I want to make a flipper style car but need a way to do it. I have been thinking a 16g CO2 threaded cartridge would be the best way to go about it. Any one done anything like this? I found these types of electric solenoids for fairly cheap the size is off but I figured before I got too far into it I would ask if anyone has utilized CO2 cartridges before.

Edit: Found this. Looks like this might be a little more than I thought for a first bot. I might save this for when we make slightly bigger ones..

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