What robotics companies like boston dynamics are there in Europe or near the Netherlands?

I am looking for companies that work on robots, more specifically bio-inspired robots (or bio-robotics?). I am most interested in stuff like quadruped, bipedal, or humanoid robots.

I’m currently in year 2 for a bachelor electronics/mechatronics. Next school year I will have to do an internship and I am just trying to orient a bit. I would love to work with robots like the ones from boston dynamics but most companies like that are in the US or China, and since I am in the Netherlands that is a bit far away. I would prefer something in The Netherlands or the UK because of distance and language, but anything in Europe is still pretty accessible.

So far I have found the following:

  • Anybotics, Switzerland (most interesting with ANYmal)
  • Reboocon Bionics, Netherlands (exosuit and prosthetic knee)
  • OpenBionics, UK (prosthetic arms)
  • Zoa Robotics, UK (working on quadruped, but I can’t find anything they made)
  • Moley Robotics, UK (robotic kitchen/robot arm in a kitchen)
  • Clear Flight Solutions, Netherlands (robotic birds)
  • Olmia Robotics, Netherlands (industrial robotic arms)

But most of those are not the kind of bio-robots I am most interested in. So I would really appreciate it if you know some companies near the Netherlands which work on quadruped, bipedal, or humanoid robots.

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