I want to build a quadropedal Robot with Servos

Hey guys and gals, Im 17 and study mechanical and electrical engineering in school. I have a solid python and CAD background from my recent internships, aswell as some money, (I would like to stay under 250 Euros though) but i have to confess that this is indeed my first robotics project. I got inspired by James Bruton’s Open Dog to try and build a quadropod myself. I own a 3D printer, aswell as most hobby electronics tools (soldering iron, wire, multimeter and the like)

What kinds of servos would you recomend me for a less than 1kg quadropedal robot platform with 12 DOF, and a carrying capacity of maybe 250g? What kind of torques would you think are required as I don’t know the dynamic loads yet?

I want to have a distance sensor in each foot aswell as an IMU to know how the robot is oriented. I would use my Raspberry Pi as the controller and would like to rely on adafruit sensors because they offer such great documentation and python libraries, which I’ve already workes with, but as long as I could get them to work with python the manufacturer is irrelevant.

I said plattform as I want to keep the robot and maybe add new hardware to it, such as infrared, sonar, maybe even a lidar some day.

My math and physics is pretty solid I guess so I shouldn’t have that big of a problem with the kinematic model and the gyroscope and accelerometer.

The 9DOF IMU is like 20 Euros (NXP-9), The four distance sensors(vcnl 4010) are 30 Euros, a Servo Hat for the pi is about 20 Euros. Are these good options? Can I get similar capabilites somewhere else for cheaper, as I want to spend most of my money on better motors?

I have about 1-2h a day to work on this project as I’m still a student. I’d be endlessly grateful for any documentation / tutorials / blogs and articles which could help me in this project.

Much thanks for reading and greetings from Germany!

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