Masters Programme for someone with a poor GPA but years of experience

I’m a slightly older person who is applying for masters programme. I’m almost 30.

I graduated from my Bachelors in CS when I was 25, and lets say I didn’t do too well (2.8 to 2.9 GPA). I’ve always been interested in Robotics, but for the last 4 years, I’ve been applying for masters programmes at various tier 1 and tier 2 schools (Think CMU/Upenn/UMich and USC/OSU etc.). Unfortunately, I’ve been rejected from all of them all 4 times.

I’ve spent 2 years after college working at a generic software company, but doing very complex low level digital signal processing algorithms in CUDA/OpenCL for embedded platforms. Then the next 2 was spent working at a reasonably renown research institute. In both cases getting shit pay lol. There, I’ve managed to get 2 first authour publications, one at a tier 2 conference and 1 in the process of submission for a tier 1.

My GRE scores are average. 154 for English and 165 for math. Is there any school that would take more into consideration things like my work experience, and perhaps research and publications instead of pure grades? I really want to work in this field but it seems closed off for someone without a graduate degree in robotics

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