Plan of Study for the field

Hello, I’m currently a Computer Science undergraduate I’m very interested in the field of robotics (not sure if I want to work in the field though). Just had a couple questions. But first story time, I’m getting through college under the GI Bill in which I must have full-time status to obtain 100% of the benefits. At the moment I can only take up to 9 credits starting next semester(the GI Bill only covers major or minor requirements). So obviously I need to tack on a minor at this point to help me reach 12 for the next few semesters.

So the question is, would a robotics minor be worth it? Or should I just pick up a different minor?

Some course content in the minor:

  • Autonomous Robots Course Schedule (Deals with ROS)
  • Artificial Intelligence Course Schedule
  • Linear Algebra, Calc, Physics, Data Structures, Programming I and II (These are already done)
  • Mechatronics

Would this minor be useless and not give a good broad surface understanding of the field or does it seem to cover a decent spread of topics? I’m just curious if the minor would help give me an idea of whether or not I’d want to explore something to do with robotics further in a graduate program.

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