Have you managed to get the Nvidia TX2 to work on battery?

It seems like something that should be pretty straightforward, but I am having a hell of a time getting the nvidia jetson TX2 to work on battery.

I tried a 14V cordless drill battery, then a regular 12V AA pack. Nada. Then after reading some jetsonhacks, I got hold of a 25C, 1000 mAh, 3S lipo. Just as with the others, I get a “power available” light but the board does not power on (it works fine with the supplied power brick). Jetson hacks also recommended trying a capacitor across the terminals. With a total of 4500 uF I still couldn’t persuade it to switch on.

I am hoping to find someone who has successfully powered the board on battery and to ask how you did it!

Thanks in advance

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