Modern Robotics Book Club

Hi r/robotics!

Would anyone be interested in joining me to form a book club to read Modern Robotics by Kevin M. Lynch and Frank C. Park, together?

The book is available for free at the link above, as well as some great supplementary videos.

We could spend ~1 hour each week going over a section of the book. This resource seems to be often recommended around here and I’ve read the first couple of chapters so far and really enjoy the math and theory, so far!

Here’s a gitter channel we can use to chat:

To get an idea of the material, here is the table of contents for the book:

Table of Contents:

  • Preview
  • Configuration Space
  • Rigid-Body Motions
  • Forward Kinematics
  • Velocity Kinematics and Statics
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Kinematics of Closed Chains
  • Dynamics of Open Chains
  • Trajectory Generation
  • Motion Planning
  • Robot Control
  • Grasping and Manipulation
  • Wheeled Mobile Robots
  • Appendix A. Summary of Useful Formulas
  • Appendix B. Other Representations of Rotations
  • Appendix C. Denavit-Hartenberg Parameters
  • Appendix D. Optimization and Lagrange Multipliers

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