How should I power my robot?

I got a sweet job that pays about 60k a year. So now I’m ready to blow all my money building an exoskeleton/wearable robot. The plan is to go hydraulic between 1,000 and 1,500 psi. So there will be a hefty electric motor in the torso. The only “safe” energy storage medium I can think of is lithium batteries. But for some reason I want this machine to perform like a superhero. Lithium batteries won’t cut it. So the other option is some kind of explosive fuel like gasoline or propane? I’ve been driving myself crazy over this because I also want it to be safe to operate indoors. I’ve thought about storing energy as compressed hydrogen and oxygen. The two could be burned to generate pressure for the hydraulics and the drive motor could be cut out entirely. But that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen I know. Any thoughts for extreme energy storage?

I’ve also thought about highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide to generate pressure. What about that?

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