How to have more formalism in robotics research?

I’m a PhD student in robotics. I’m very excited about science. But I’m a very informal person and this affects how I do and present my research. I presented my dissertation proposal last week and my committee said that I need to have more formalism in my writing and in my presentation.

When I do my experiments I usually try many combination of parameters until I get an intuition of what is good or bad in my project. Because my system is big, we built abstract methods and robots to test the methods, it’s hard to evaluate every parameter of my system. So I keep changing some configurations until I get a intuition of what affects what and then I decide my next steps based on my intuition.

In my presentations, because I’m not a native English speaker, I always try to have a lost of illustrations to help me express my concepts. But because part of my research is theoretical, I’m starting to think that my lack of formalism is affect the understanding of my concepts.

I would like some advices about things that I should always keep in mind in order to maintain formalism.

Thanks 🙂

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