I’m trying to remotely control the upper arms of a humanoid robot, what sensors should I use?

I want to build a robot similar to this one (1), but with hands similar to this hand (2) and to remotely control it. Other solutions that I found are (3) and (4).

My background is in programming (also ML) and I’m quite new to robotics, I don’t have the skills to identify the right hardware to use. My first though was to stitch some flex sensors like in (2) on gloves but also on a sweater, in the principal directions for the degrees of freedom of the arms (although that might not work well for the shoulder roll or the wrist roll) but I doubt I’ll get reliable readings.

Basically, I need help in identifying what sensors are used to achieve the setups in (1), (3) and (4) and also if you have better ideas that are cheap on the hardware side. Thank you.

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