arduino and raspberry pi applications for a project autonomous vehicle

As a precursor, I’ve completed a couple projects with arduinos but never the pi.

I’m interested in creating my own autonomous vehicle. As far as powertrain control I have no doubts that encoders can be read and motors be driven via an arduino. But I’m not confident in capabilities when trying to move it from just an rc car to an autonomous vehicle.

Would it be able to handle processing of multiple sensor types (mainly worries about image processing) and combining all of the different sensors needed for autonomous travel. My guess is no, or not well.

Would the better route to take he raspberry pi for the entire project

Or a third option that I’ve been thinking is using the arduino to gather the analog/digital simple inputs like encoders. Send that data to a pi, which then takes that data plus heavier sensor data to determine steering and motor control. Then sends that info back to the arduino to execute the motor control.

Or is there a better option I’m not seeing? Maybe a different type of board altogether more suited to this.


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