Teen Gunman Dies at Richmond Middle School, Police Receive Tip

Richmond (Ind.) Community Schools received a tip Thursday morning saying an armed person was headed to the school with the intention of hurting someone.

Police were immediately notified and able to stop the gunman, a male teen, from harming anyone, reports CBS News.

However, after gunfire was exchanged between the teen and police at the middle school, the teen turned the gun on himself.

All Richmond Community Schools went on lockdown early that morning before the police or gunman arrived.

“Local police had received information and they reacted on that swiftly, and I think [it was] because of their swift reaction and also the swift reaction at the school that no student injuries happened,” said Police Sgt. John Bowling.

At around 8 a.m., the Richmond school district reported the building was secure.

“All students at Dennis Intermediate School are safe. Only the suspect is injured,” the school district tweeted.

Students were transported to Richmond High School and parents were able to pick them up at Civic Hall.

Bowling says it is unclear why the teen, a former student in the district, targeted the middle school. Police will be looking into the matter further.

Campus Safety will continue to update this article as more information becomes available.

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