How to read System resource usage in ROS?

How to read System resource usage in ROS?

I am using Top but the problem is that im confused as to how to read it. please see image below. I am running RVIZ, An RPLIDAR node for mapping and a teleop twist node to control motors using rosserial with arduino. This is on the raspberry pi3 B. 1.2ghz Quadcore and 1gb Ram Just to confirm its saying that:

The mapping is consuming 67% CPU, 3.1% RAMThe python script for Tele-operation: 25% CPU 2.4% ramrplidar node: 9.5% cpu and 0.3% ram?so these main processes will be using 101.5% of cpu? that does not sound right?

i intend on having a bunch of sensors and visualizing more data so i want to see if it can handle that or will i need to use my intel NUC (i3 6100) instead.

EDIT: I will also be doing a video stream so im guessing that will consume some good chunk of cpu as well

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