HiTec HS-785HB (Winch Servo) Continuously rotating

We are using Servocity’s Gear rack kit in one of our robotic application. It was performing well with HiTec HS-785HB, but when we tried replacing one of the servos with another HiTec HS-785HB (as there were some wear & tear on the old servos), this new servo is kept on rotating in an anti-clockwise direction when we give it power.

We are using Nucleo F7 for controlling, Power is external 6V.

What surprising is all the connection and code is exactly the same.

We also tested the servo individually, we tested with another HiTec HS-785HB which we bought together with the other one from Servocity, the result is same

Please suggest something, we might have missed something.

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