Where to get information on products?

I am quite new to robotics, and electronic technologies. I will be starting classes in the spring at my community college. I picked up and UNO R3 from Elegoo about a week ago and it is going great.

As I follow along with the Starter books I would like to get into a better understanding of PCB’s and how they work. For example I just picked up a tiny drone and battle bot from some store for like 10$. Of course I tore them apart in order to see how they work. disassembling them was the easy part of course, but now I want to know what each of these small PCB’s do, where they are from, and how to use and manipulate them.

EX. The little drone I got is about 1 inch squared in size and has 4 motors attached. The coloring of the wires to the motors are the same for the motor diagonal from one another. There is not a manufacturer label on the board, I have wired it up and got it to turn on, but I want to know more.

Where should I search? or is there some resources online that can teach me about how to go about researching the abilities and chips?

cheers, happy holidays

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