Looking for a middle ground between building and programming from scratch and kid’s toy robots. Something like hobby grade RC cars.

I have a 20 year background in hobby grade RC cars and I’ve been building my own FPV quadcopters for the past 3 years so I feel familiar with many aspects of robotics. Now I would like to branch out into things like bipedal robots, quadrupeds, hexapods, and an articulating arm on a treaded vehicle. I do have experience with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, however I just don’t find working with them to be much fun. I already do similar tasks working in a busy IT department for 45 hours each week.

I’m looking for kit suggestions with features similar to what you find when you buy a hobby grade RC car or a FPV drone, where you can build the kit, start using and enjoying the robot without much fuss, and then get more out of it as you learn and upgrade the platform. I’ll definitely take suggestions for forums to start reading as well.

What I’m not interested in is programming for an hour and then pressing a button to watch my robot wave or do a few seconds of Tai Chi. Instead I’d like to build or buy robots that I can start walking around my living room with a handheld controller within the first week after pairing a few radios, flashing firmware, and soldering a few pads. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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