Research in Aerial Robotics

Hello Reddit,I’m an undergraduate student in India looking for opportunities for research in the field of aerial robotics and aerial swarm systems. I am looking for universities/labs accommodating undergraduate students for a final year bachelor’s thesis for the duration of a semester. I am open to doing research in any lab in any part of the world.I have experience in automation of quadrotor systems and have done multi UAV simulations in ROS and Gazebo and want to progress in the same field under experienced professors willing to accommodate me.I have sent emails to several faculties heading several labs in the USA (in the past week), however, I have not received any responses yet, and hope is fading as days go by.I would be grateful if any member of this community knows of any lab where research in aerial robotics is being done. If members have information on whether undergraduate researchers are accepted to work on ongoing research or projects in those labs, it would be very helpful.Please do comment below if there is any information that could help me, or any member of this community. 🙂

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