Robust Alternative to Raspberry Pi for Industrial Embedded System

A quick question so I have a stepping stone for my own research.

I have an upcoming research project using embedded Linux for a computer vision application. I’m currently using a Raspberry Pi for testing in the lab, but will eventually be designing a self-contained product for an extremely harsh working environment with large amounts of vibration.

If anyone has some experience in embedded systems in industry, I would appreciate any suggestions for a Single-Board Computer ideally capable of:

– Running Linux

– USB 3.0

– Gigabit Ethernet


– 64-bit CPU @ > 1GHz

– Solid state memory

My main point of concern with systems similar to the Raspberry Pi, is the SD card. The life span of our product should be fairly long, with many read/write cycles, and proper solid-state memory is vital to ensure low maintenance costs.

I have looked at a couple, and the ODROID-C2 appears to meet many of my requirements, but I have not had any experience with it.


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