Signed up for my first robotics class! HELP

I (28/f) just quit my job of 6 years to go back to school for web design. I don’t know anything other than some pretty basic HTML/CSS/ JavaScript for front end web development. What I am really excited about though is this robotics class starting mid-January. I am doing my first semester at a community/tech school and transferring for a University in fall so I had a weird gap in my schedule that I needed a “fun” class. I just got a raspberry pi and have been excited to dip my toes into some computer programming although I feel like that will be more of a hobby or potentially a minor with my graphic communications/web design major.

I have always been so interested in robotics and have admired from afar without feeling like it is something I could actually do or wrap my head around but with me trying to take control of my life and stop placing limits on myself, when I saw that class I felt like this is the perfect time to take charge and finally learn the basics.

My question is this: with me being so new to this and having essentially 3 open weeks before class starts, is there anything I can do to get myself a little more ready and not so intimidated to start class. Are there coding languages anyone would recommend that I could learn the basics of on codeacademy or udemy? What is my best plan to get myself somewhat ready before class starts. I’m scared but excited! Any advice is very appreciated 🙂

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