Stronger motors?

Stronger motors?

Hi there all, newb here looking for some advice. I’m building a robot out of an aluminum walker, designed and 3d printed some brackets, now looking for a good solution for two independant motors to haul this thing as needed. It’s not terribly heavy as its aluminum tubing, so I started with my Uno, L298N and my tamiya dual gear motor, thing could barely turn the wheels, so I bought some higher torque motors, 12V 200RPM seen here: Got them connected with a 9.6V batter I pulled from an RC truck, still can barely move the frame, see attached pictures. Not looking for competition level here, just want something that can easily move this thing so I can focus on adding the sensors and making thing do some cool stuff (i.e. adding more weight to the thing). I would so greatly appreciate any feedback regarding better motors, controller, battery, etc.

I was just going to use the motors from the RC truck I salvaged but it isn’t independent and I wanted two independent motors and some casters in the back.

I hope everyone had a great holiday!

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