Need help finding/making wheels for a robot with strict dimension requirements.

I am building a cylindrical robot which must be able to move around in a desert environment on 2 wheels and a skid for stability. Below is a very rough CAD model of the kind of design I envisioned which should give you an idea of how it will look/operate.

My problem is that I have very strict size constraints for this robot, specifically that it must be able to fit into a volume of 30 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm. In order to make the best use of this space, the outer diameter of the wheel must be as close to the 10 cm limit as possible (within a couple of millimeters ideally). I would prefer the width of the wheels be not too much larger than 2.5 cm, as this dimension will eat into the 30 cm allotted for the total width of the robot. The wheels will be mounted directly onto a DC motor with a 6mm d shaft.

The robot will have to move about in sand, and must be able to withstand a fairly significant drop, so the wheels must have cushioning on them and cannot be just plastic or metal. I have been unable to find any wheels online which meets all of these needs. I considered 3D printing or machining hubs to match my dimensions exactly, since they’re not really standard, but I would need some material to use as an all terrain tire to put over whatever I might make. Does anybody know if there’s any easy way to make treads for a custom wheel hub or if there’s some retailer I could find a wheel from meeting my dimensions? Would really appreciate any help anyone can offer!

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