Thoughts on the Hexbot Desktop Robot arm? For drawing/laser engraving/misc automation tasks.

Making this a text post since I don’t want to directly advertise them, but just looking for thoughts.

This is the project:

Looks pretty impressive and affordable for what it purports to provide. A little sketchy it was 2x funded in 25 minutes…but they have been hyping themselves on FB and IG for awhile. (Though I suppose that’s pretty typical Kickstarter behavior)

Some really cool videos of it in action on youtube:

Only the Kickstarter creator shows up under “Hexbot Robotics” on linkedin, though they list a lot of team members. Confirmed the creator is a robotics masters student at upenn so while not super experienced in shipping hardware products, still definitely qualified and not a scammer.

It doesn’t ship until October which is a bit out there, but even if it takes a year to ship if it really delivers on their promises that’s fine with me.

Thoughts?? I think I’m going for it so please save me if I’m making a bad decision. =)

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