Controlling Colinear Tripteron Robot

Hey everyone,

I have a cap project about designing an manufacturing a colinear tripteron robot which pretty much looks like this; (Video belongs to @Apsu / I have tried to reach him but couldnt.)

The problem is I’ve never done something like this (Controlling robots, calculating IK and FK, Ubuntu, ROS, MoveIT Rviz, Gazebo etc) I’m not familiar to those.

I have started to learn Ubuntu and ROS. Installed and followed some tutorials on ROS site. Then I have installed MoveIT. From MoveIT tutorials I’ve kinda learned how to code my robot via urdf-XML. I have coded the robot but when I tried to code the end effector that needs to have 3 parent links, made some research and realized that urdf-XML/MoveIT doesnt support parallel robots.


So I found this sdf-XML coding. But couldnt find a good tutorial about coding a parallel robot on sdf-XML. So couldnt get robot coded. And the fact that I dont know what to do even if I finish coding made me realize that I need some support 🙂

Robot will have soft gripper attached to it. So how can I control this robot and gripper? What is the most robust solution here?

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