How necessary is graduate school if I want a career in robotics?

Hey everyone,

I am graduating this December with my BS in Computer Science (minor in Math). I’d like to work in robotics, and I keep hearing that graduate school is a must if I want to do so. Is this true? If so, MS or PhD? I guess my biggest dilemma is that you usually have to pay for a MS, but not a PhD (since it can be funded) … but I don’t think I want to do a PhD unless it would really help me get a robotics job later on.

So, that being said … should I plan on (possibly) paying for an MS to get a degree in robotics, or are there plenty of jobs out there that I qualify for with just a BS? It’s hard for me to justify paying for grad school, especially given how good the job market is for CS graduates right now. With that logic, I’m assuming there are plenty of entry level CS-related jobs out there in robotics, but I’m not sure where to look.

With this summer being my last one before graduation, I’d like to make good use of it by interning at a robotics company I can go back to after graduation. I have had several interviews recently, but no offers yet.

Also, as a side note, I do have some relevant experience – I work as a research assistant in a lab on my university’s campus. My research is in robotic path planning. I also have coursework in machine learning and computer vision, and I will be taking an AI class next semester.


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