Going for bachelors degree in robotics

I recently graduated my diploma in architecture and interned at a medium sized architecture firm for 6 months. I found the job to be OK most part, but I didn’t enjoyed it as I assumed I would. Before I took my diploma, I really wanted to do robotics engineering but there was no uni in my country (Malaysia) that offered the course at the time. I wanted to go for mechatronics but my parents insisted that I study architecture, since they are both architects and owns a firm, they want to expand the business and make me a part of it. At first I was excited on how much money I would make (I was 17 and immature), but during my studies I didn’t enjoy it and didn’t put much effort into my assignment. (I scored most of my subjects and I’m not lazy). I thought work life would be different and I might like it. It turns out I didn’t enjoy it at all, seeing how the architects do their work and ask them about their experiences in the field made me realise I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life and I don’t want to force myself to like it.

So I decided to pursue what I initially wanted to study, which was robotics. I always have this attraction towards robots in general since I was a kid and wanted to do something relating to robots in my career in life.

My questions 1) Am I eligible to study robotics engineering bachelor’s degree?

with -my age is 21 years old -an architecture diploma graduate with no engineering background? -I’m good with physics and math related subjects during high school -just starting to learn coding language

2) What should I learn to not be to far left behind from other student in the same course?

3) what kind of subjects are there during my studies in degree?

4) what kind of environment am I looking to expect in my daily life as a robotics student?

5) Doing my degree in Japan, any university recommendation?

6) What should I look into in a university to get the best out of my degree?

5) what is the working life of a robotics engineer (any kind)

I would really appreciate some advice regarding this and sharing experience would be most welcome.

Sorry for the bad English, not my first language.

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