How to learn more about Robotics.

So I came across this video about Japan’s Robotics:

I am fascinated with it and want to play around with robotics like this.

Currently i’m a 3rd year Mechatronics student at UOIT in Oshawa Canada. And I know how to get started in learning more about mechatronics and robotics. Should I start by learning about PLCs? or how should I be gaining more knowledge about this topic to maybe eventually also work for a company that deals with this cool tech.

I am planning on pitching this as a final year captstone project, instead make a DIY-3D Printed 6 Axis Robot with grippers and controlled via joystick of some sort, and start there. Pitch the idea to eventually turn in into a robot that could potentially help the elderly at home or people who have disorders and can’t take care of themselves, and the family members are not living in the same household currently.

Much appreciated advice or constructive criticism (:

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