How David Gouffé Went From Industrial Robots to Cobot End-Effectors


As our Integration Coach, David Gouffé draws on his creativity to help others. David’s responsible for deploying solutions to help companies start working with robots. With his devotion to his work, David can be counted on to do everything in his power to make clients happy—and the same goes for his family!

David Gouffé

Integration Coach

“You gotta strike while the iron’s hot.” —Josh Schwartz

  • Joined in: 2018
  • Describes self as: Loving Parent, Coffee Addict, DIY Master, Awesome Gamer, Movie Geek, Real Foodie, and Life-long Learner
  • Greatest strengths: Creativity, Curiosity, and Appreciation of Beauty

Meet our EuRobotiq Team – The interview

How did you start working with Robotiq?

Gouffe-David_Robotiq-1When I first heard that a company could make a living on grippers, I was surprised. I thought it must be such a niche market. Those were the early days of cobots.

Back then, I was working with big industrial robots at huge multinationals. That’s actually when I used one of Robotiq’s products, Force Copilot, for the first time. I was amazed by how much it simplified my programming tasks.

As cobots continued to gain steam, I grew more and more interested in working for that fast-growing company creating Plug + Play Components for cobots. Once one of my colleagues left for Robotiq, I knew I had to work there too. That’s when I came across the opportunity to be an integration coach. After trying their products, I was completely sold on the concept, and I’m so glad I got the job.

What do you work on? What does that mean for the world?

My work is so meaningful to me, I can help companies start working with robots, start production faster and free human hands from repetitive tasks. I support our partners so they can help their clients use our tools to make the most of their robots. I intervene before, during, and sometimes after deployment.

Some projects are a tough challenge—that’s what I love about my work. We have to be creative, apply our logical thinking abilities, and sometimes push ourselves to another level to find a solution. To stay “lean,” we think slowly—and then act quickly.

What are your biggest values?

Gouffe-David_bebeEfficiency and reliability are essential to everything I do. Sometimes upholding these qualities means adding a dash of creativity.

I also try to live by this quote: “Laugh at your mistakes, but learn from them. Joke about your troubles, but gather strength from them. Have fun with your difficulties, but overcome them.”

Finally, I connect a lot with the lean robotics philosophy. To be as lean as possible, you need to produce as much as you can with the smallest possible input, as fast as possible. That’s how you ensure you deliver the best results—and have time and resources to spare for great new projects.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Spending time with my son is my favorite thing in the world. Although he’s knee-high to a grasshopper, it seems like he can do anything. (Ok, maybe not as much as a cobot can, but what can I say? I’m so proud of him.)

Besides my kid, my life is very simple and that’s how I like it. All I need are great friends, good food, and some rock ‘n’ roll in the background. Finally, I enjoy unicycling, swimming, and gaming (I’m playing Left 4 Dead 2 or Counter-Strike Global Offensive these days).


David and his son at Christmas.

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