Join Our Space Program! (Amateur)

Howdy everyone. My name is Joey, and some of my buddies and I have decided to take a crack at the stars. This is a very insane dream, but as long as it is not impossible, I am willing to try. We created a “Space Program” of sorts, with intentions of making cool YouTube videos, building rockets, and slowly working to our outlandish lunar goal. We have begun by starting small. I have been learning to code, we are building small model rockets (home made, not the ones you buy from the hobby stores), and are trying to begin expanding our knowledge in regards to robotics. Trust me when I say I realize how mad this dream of ours is, but who is to say we can not accomplish it one day? With the help of fellow lovers of astronomy, physics, rocketry, robotics, etc. we plan to get the public excited about space again. We have given ourselves a very long term goal. We want to get a little rover on the moon. Crazy right? I am in college, and can only devote time to this as a hobby at the moment, but that is all we ask of anyone willing to join or talk to us. This is not a job, rather a hobby that we hope to turn into something great one day. If this sounds too outlandish, keep on scrolling, but if you are the type to dedicate efforts towards crazy dreams, come talk to us. Any experience is acceptable, as well as no experience. We just want anyone with a passion for space and exploration. More will be discussed if you decide to join. You can work from home and over the phone if that is all you are able to do. If you have any further questions, I will answer them on our Discord Server. The Discord server has just been made, and we plan to clean it up and make it look a little more professional in the future. Thanks for taking the time to read if you have gotten this far, and we hope to hear from any serious inquiries!

Discord will be linked below

-Joey -Founder of U.P. Space Program

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