Need Help Building a Mallet Wrapping Robot

So for background I am a software developer with percussion as a hobby. For my mallets I usually wrap my own mallets by hand with like $5 of yarn saving me a ton of money but I’m awful with yarn. I found a video of this robot wrapping mallets.

thinking back to my computer classes where I developed with LEGO mind-storm. I decided I’d try to build something like this. I figured it’d be simple enough just requiring a motor to rotate the mallet and a motor to spin the yarn. I’d just have to figure out positioning and feeding the yarn without jamming it.

Then I found the price of the LEGO mind storm kit. It’s expensive. I’ve worked with Arduino before and looked for other kits but I couldn’t figure out if I could get them to do what I need. I think I’m going to build the robot out of Legos but how would I go about using a Arduino and motors to create weave it like in the video above?

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