Help with power solution for a rover

Looking for help on best power solution for my rover. I’ve always struggled with understanding volts, amps, capacity and all the calculations etc.

The rover has:

Rasp Pi v3b with camera 5v from battery, ~1000ma

4x DC work gear motors 20RPM 12v from battery, max 500ma each = 2000ma

2x HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors 5v from GPIO, 15ma each = 30ma

2x 128×64 OLED monochrome displays 3v from GPIO, 25ma each = 50ma

1x IR avoidance sensor 3v from GPIO, 20ma

1x L298N motor driver board 5v from GPIO, 2000ma

5x WS2812 LED bars (40 LEDs total) 5v from battery, 50ma each = 2000ma

Total is 7100ma.

At the moment I have a 11.1v 2200mah Lipo powering everything but the LEDs using 5v bucks to step down where required. And a set of 4AA batteries for the LEDs with a 5v buck to step down.

I usually only operate it for 5-10 minutes at a time, with driving for a few of these minutes. Would like to do this 5-10 times between charges or swapping out the batteries.

So my ultimate questions are:

Is my power solution at the moment adequate?

Can I replace everything with a 12v 7200mah SLA battery? Like this one.

Is my logic above correct?

Many thanks!!!

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