Distance traveled by an autonomous robot without encoders

Hello All,

I am currently an undergrad who is working on an automated warehouse project for my mechatronics course. I have to build a robot that scan a qr code at the very beginning of the course and travels through a maze to locate a pallet, pick it up and drop it at various docking stations across the warehouse!

I have built the basic version i.e the base which scans the qr code, lifts the pallets and a chassis with motor attached to it. My query is : How to determine ,lets say if my robot has traveled 1 m without the use of encoders (as they are very costly – I checked only on sparkfun website, you can suggest me some that could be below 5-10$ ) or without any triangulation methods like pseudo GPS etc to verify that my robot did travel so and so distance. Accuracy needs to be pretty high too +/- 0.1 inch as the pallets are placed in racks and are at 6 to 12” off ground and pretty small to handle too.

I would be glad to share more information regarding the task, how the robot navigates etc if you need them. Thank you

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