Trouble with servos using Arduino Nano and PCA9685 servo driver. This is driving me nuts!

The Vorpal uses an Arduino Nano with a PCA9685 16 channel servo driver to drive 12 MG90s servos (power is two 3.7v batteries and a 5v 3a BEC). The code for the Arduino is from the Vorpal website.

I’ve bought around 30 servos so far trying to get the robot working, and the only servos that work came direct from China (all the other ones are off-brand knock-offs, too). I’d chalk it up to crappy manufacturing, but I can get the all of the servos to work perfectly fine with a simple Arduino controller.

It doesn’t matter what pins I attach the servos to on the servo driver, or whether only one or all of the other servos are connected to the driver, only ones from a certain manufacturer works, and all of them work fine otherwise.

What should I do to figure this out?

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