Robotics Thesis/Dissertation Advice

Hello all,

I am a first year robotics engineering combined MS PhD student (5 year program) and I am having trouble finding a research topic that falls into my interests. My adviser suggested that I apply for grants for rehabilitation robotics, but my interest is in space robotics, although it could be human-centered (like targeting bone density loss in astronauts). I keep coming up with ideas that I can’t fully flesh out or have already been done before, and I’ve been at this ideation process for 5 months now. I’ve been working on a variable stiffness actuator project in the meantime, but I really feel like I’m not getting anywhere with finding a topic to pursue. I would appreciate any advice or help you guys can offer, I’m feeling frustrated and like I’ve wasted so much time. Should I just settle for doing the research my adviser wants me to apply for?

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