Universal Robots RTDE C++/Python Interface

ur_rtde is a C++ interface for sending and receiving data to/from a UR robot using the Real-Time Data Exchange (RTDE) interface of the robot. The interface can also by used with python, through the provided python bindings. You can find project here: https://gitlab.com/sdurobotics/ur_rtde, Documentation with examples and API resides at https://sdurobotics.gitlab.io/ur_rtde/.


No widely available C++ interface that utilizes the RTDE of the UR’s exists. Most of the available ROS interfaces lacks a lot of features or are very restricted in terms of control. This interface is meant to be usable with various robot frameworks, which is why the receive and control interface relies only on STL datatypes. One can choose to convert to STL types or simply rewrite the control and receive interfaces to the desired datatypes to avoid any overhead. The interface aims to make all the functions on the controller available externally in C++ and Python with bindings. Finally the plan is to make a more complete ROS interface based on this project.

Let me know what you think and feel free to contribute!

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