XY Plotter Writing Bot Assembly Line/Automation Problem

XY Plotter Writing Bot Assembly Line/Automation Problem

Hi everyone, okay so I’m hoping for literally any guidance, educated opinion or even a “f*ck it just pay me to do it” here…

Okay so I’m in the marketing game and looking to automate my direct mailing campaigns, you know those spammy as f*ck garbage things you keep getting in the mail to attempt to sell you something you already have 5 of?… Yeah exactly like that but these are to my CURRENT customers so don’t worry!


  1. I generate a sale
  2. I write a thank you note
  3. I ship the thing + note
  4. Customer falls in love with me, then buys more of my crap…
  5. Repeat steps 1-4

Thus my problem…

We want to automate the hand written notes part… (wtf? Trust me it kinda makes sense with our set up described below)

The Axidraw V3

Our plan is to use 5-10 of these machines to print those letters (with a handwriting font that I created) and send them out to our customers.

Here is a video of it doing the robot thing

We envision an assembly line type process where we can have someone designated to manually transfer paper to each machine, while software automates somewhat personalized messages to each individual machine.

I anticipate there being a few issues:

1) Will we need to have separate computers/programs running to each individual machine for them to operate, or can we have them all running from the same computer with a USB adapter/splitter?

2) A ball breaking task for the poor slave-like intern that needs to stand over this machine and manually load this thing with paper, waiting for it to be completed, and then removing said completed note…

(I’ll love opinions on #1 but for now we’ve just being using basic-b*tch laptops, so lets start with #2)

I have an image of a MONSTER of a set up… If you look closely it has this AxiDraw plotter…. and something else…

Check it out:


…What the actual…

I want it…

Okay so this guy has clearly answered the question but because I’m a complete idiot I don’t know where to even begin, and this is why I’m here begging you guys for anything lol

The feeder is the big dick here, it must be on some kinda timer and upon closer study, its just a bunch of rollers on a conveyor belt + paper holder.


What do you guys think, anyone know where to buy this?

Gods among men peeps, seriously appreciate this!!!!

P.S – What would your solution be to this mass handwritten ‘unique’ notes + automation problem?

Excited to read comments! Hit me up with anything, I’ll happily return the favor in the form of business related marketing systems.

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