How much lateral force can the shaft of a Nema 17 stepper motor take?

TL;DR: How much can the anvil weigh before the motor breaks?


The word I was looking for is radial load (not lateral force). Turns out to be a very straight forward question, but I still can’t find a spec sheet for this motor that includes that information. Can anybody point me to this info? Hope that clear up any confusion

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I’m building a PID controlled rocket engine gimbal using encoded stepper motors to rotate the nozzle. For simplicity of design I’d like to use the shaft of a Nema 17 stepper motor as a structural component, at least for prototyping. Specifically, I’m using this motor, but would love a generalized resource since that choice may change.

I’ve looked through the spec sheets and I can’t find any information, but I might not know the right term for what I’m looking for.

The easiest (i.e. worst) design I’m considering effectively places the entire force from the engine on directly on the shaft of the x-axis stepper motor. There are ways to mitigate this, but I really want to get some prototyping done before I get too complicated with the mechanical design.

It would be really helpful to know the mechanical constraints I’m working with the help guide the design. If the shaft can handle 50kg, no need to overthink it. If it can only take 10g, I’ve got a problem.

To be clear I’m not asking about how much weight the motor itself can lift. The angular mass of the engine is quite small. But that engine is going to be exerting a good bit of force perpendicular to the shaft.

How much can force can they take?

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