Read Before Posting – Rules and Submission Guidelines

Hello everyone.

r/robotics is going through change in order to propose a better and higher-quality content to the community. We are aiming to strengthen the scientific and seriousness of the content offered here and try to make this sub a stimulating and rich environment for discussing about robotics sciences.

Therefore, one of the first change was to update the Rules for this sub:

  1. Be civil and respectful: aggressive or offensive behavior will be sanctioned

    • Follow the reddiquette
    • Attacks on other users, doxxing, harassment, trolling, racism, bigotry or endorsement of violence etc will result to a ban.
    • This is also a Reddit-wide rule but we believe a reminder is still beneficial !
  2. Robotics Related Posts only

    • No Futurism, sci-fi or memes posts. This is a science aimed subreddit for robotics professionals, hobbyists and aficionados.
    • Humorous posts are tolerated once from a while but low effort posts, memes, far fetched questions/discussions are prohibited and will be removed.
    • Keep it SFW
  3. No Low Effort or sensationalized posts

    • Make your post clear and comprehensive
    • Posts that lack insight or effort will be removed. (ex: questions which are easily googled).
    • No picture-only posts
  4. Beginner or career related questions go elsewhere

    • Beginner and career related questions should be posted in the dedicated thread.
    • Recommendation posts are also concerned.
  5. No Spam or Advertisements

    • Spam, URL shorteners, advertising are prohibited and will be removed.
  6. No Duplicate posts

  7. Post with the appropriate tag

    • Posts without tags will be removed. The current tags are:

      “[Discussion]” “[D]” for discussion about robotics or this sub

      “[News]” “[N]” for Robotics news.

      “[Question]” “[Q]” for question about robotics or your own project/work.

      “[Project]” “[P]” for showcases/projects from the community

      “[Tutorial]” “[T]” for tutorials/courses/resources from internet and the community

      “[Research]” “[R]” for articles,posts about ongoing research in robotics sciences.

      “[Misc]” “[M]” for posts that don’t fit in the previous categories.

In addition of this set of rules, there are also Submission Guidelines we expect you to follow when you are participating in this sub.

These Guidelines are still a work in progress and will be completed in the following weeks but the important points should be already present.

Concerning r/robotics, many other changes are being prepared and we hope you will be looking forward to these changes !

Like usual, we are open to your feedback, questions and ideas 🙂

The moderation team.

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